Mission Statement


LandValue Solution’s mission is to provide high-quality, secure software to capture credible, accurate data and streamline efficient communication in the Land Valuation Industry.


Lead the land valuation industry by providing customizable technical tools for increased efficiency while improving quality.

What we do…

LandValue Solutions specializes in capturing the legal, transactional, and physical features of rural real estate by developing consistent standards and attributes in our software. Our focus is on data integrity and the process used to index and reconcile.

How we do it…

LandValue Solutions has developed a secure cloud-based Appraisal Software application providing an integrated package for Workflow Management, a comparables database, and generating regulatory compliant Appraisals and Evaluations. LVS has created an environment to collaborate between organizations, organizational users, or retain confidentiality on specific records.

Why we do it…

LandValue Solutions software provides greater consistency and uniformity in measuring rural land markets allowing Appraisers, Lenders and Investors to more confidently value, invest, and lend.

Our Clients