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Our Software offers unique value-for-money and purpose built functionality
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Maps, Data, Reports

LandValue Pro starts with Data-Rich Maps to help you gather a stack of land data quickly and easily right from the map.  Then you can populate that data directly into your database. Next add other data from outside sources as required.  Our smart analysis tools help you see and show comparable values, value factors, and caveats to any value analysis. Finally you have a number of beautiful templates that make it easy to publish ready-to-deliver PDF or DocX reports right from LandValue Pro 

For Appraisers

LandValue Pro hasFeatures for Agricultural, Rural Land, Commodity Processing, Permanant Plantings, & Timberland Appraisers.

For Land Brokers

LandValue Pro has Features for Rural Land BPOs, Listings, & Marketing Brochures.

For Mapping

LandValue Pro’s data-rich mapping Features are perfect for anyone using maps to gather land data for whatever purpose


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