I am the founder and CEO of LandValue Solutions (LVS). I’ve been appraising farms, ranches, and timberland since the mid-1980s. I know and understand the need for thorough and comprehensive software that improves performance all while saving time. This is why I created LandValue Solutions. While there isn’t a software application available that compensates for lack of appraiser prowess, there is now an agricultural, forestry and rural land appraisal application that compliments appraisers and minimizes the time required to complete an appraisal or analyze a comparable sale or lease.   Best of all, it allows assistants to work on appraisals and comparable data entry either remotely or within an office environment.

Here are the 7 reasons why LandValue Solutions is the best option for rural appraising:

  1. LandValue Solutions is web and cloud-based

Work from anywhere at any time with LVS. Your data, documents, and photos are stored on Microsoft Azure so your access to the application and information is available to you from anywhere you have access to the internet, and from any computer with a standard operating system.

  1. No Additional Costs

LandValue Solutions doesn’t charge to access assessor data by the state as other vendors do.  Users have full access to assessor data nation-wide at no additional cost.

  1. Data Auto Populates the System

The assessor data, including tax parcel information and legal description as well as physical data, like soils, productivity index, elevation, frost-free growing days auto-populates into the comparable record or appraisal record. This saves you time and populates everything into one easy to use the application, for your convenience.

  1. ESRI Mapping

Esri mapping is integrated into the application allowing the user to create soils, parcel, aerial, topo, CLU, flood, and cropscape maps and upload them directly to the record.

  1. Report Generation

LandValue Solutions appraisal reports are generated in Microsoft Word and Excel and reports can be customized by the appraiser.

  1. Engagement Letters and Valuation Orders

Workflow Management allows the user to generate engagement letters easily with well-defined descriptions of the property to be appraised.  Once engaged, valuation orders can be saved as appraisals to eliminate the redundancy of entering data.

  1. Customer Service and Support Staff

The last and best reason to use this application is that LandValue Solutions staff are great to work with.  They are helpful, friendly, and responsive to customer’s needs.  They spend time with customers to demonstrate the application, allow a 30-day free trial period and set up three personal training sessions to get their users started.

As you evaluate your options for choosing the best software, please keep these seven considerations in mind.  LandValue Solutions was designed by appraisers, for appraisers. We are here to serve your needs and increase your efficiency. To schedule a trial, contact Austin O’Neill at austin@landvaluesolutions.com.

Ruby Miles Stroschein, MAI is the CEO and Founder of LandValue Solutions.  She is a graduate of the University of Idaho with a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics and lives in Moscow and Elk River, Idaho.  Ruby has completed several years of complex appraisal assignments in eminent domain, conservation easements, and litigation.  She taught Farm and Natural Resource Appraisal at the University of Idaho as an adjunct professor for eight years and served on the Idaho Appraisal Licensing Board for 12 years.   Ruby was the principal of Gem Valley Appraisal Service for over 30 years before turning the company over to her daughter, Sarah Miles, MAI who has been her business partner for 18 years.