LandValue Solutions is a suite of valuation applications using a cloud-based multi-sourced process to develop, store, maintain and manage real estate transactions, appraisals, and valuations.
We’re excited to announce the latest release of LandValue Solutions, an agricultural and forestry appraisal management software consisting of the following modules:

  • Workflow Management
  • Comparable Transactions Database
  • Appraisal and Evaluation Reports
  • Contacts Database
  • Documents Library
  • Land Management

Some of the new features included in our latest release:

  • Captures and auto-populates legal, tax, and transactional data from county assessor offices
  • Interactive mapping with multiple overlays and base maps plus FSA CLU, Flood Maps, Cropscape data, and Soils data
  • Auto-populates climate, soils data, and analysis from USDA
  • Manages records with an interactive map
  • Uploads a full suite of maps directly to the record folder
  • Customizable professional appraisal reports in MS Word
  • Customizable comparable data sheets

Benefits of Using LandValue Solutions

The application creates efficiency without sacrificing quality.

One LandValue Solutions subscription replaces separate subscriptions for mapping, appraisal software, and direct access to assessor data. 

No additional cost for tech support or data/document storage.