The NEW industry standard for ag and forestry land valuation software is now available for appraisers and lenders in this specialized segment of the appraisal industry.

LandValue Solutions (LVS) is cloud-based agricultural and forestry real estate valuation, work flow management, and land management software tailored to high efficiency interaction between valuators, lenders, secondary markets, real estate brokers, government entities and land owners/managers.  Unlike any other appraisal software on the market, LVS is a single source inter-related resource for initiating and tracking appraisal orders/requests either from or to the vendor; completing appraisal assignments; storing, sharing, & collaborating on comparable sales and lease data; and managing appraisal workflow in appraisal offices, lenders, land managers, government departments requiring appraisal procurement and oversight.

LVS specializes in capturing the legal, transactional and physical features of rural real estate with integrated, but separate, modules for comparable sales, leases, and listings; appraisals; evaluations; land management; 3-D maps; contacts; document library; and workflow management.  The functionality is designed toward populating data using geo-spatial and assessor data from USDA mapping resources and county assessor data using prompt-driven, user-friendly software that is intuitive and easy to use.  LVS incorporates a GIS mapping tool providing county parcel shape files and assessor data for more than 99% of the U.S., USDA Soil Survey and Cropscape data and associated maps; flood hazard mapping, topo, PLSS and various basemaps.  Maps and other documents are saved directly to the record and can be printed or exported.

The LandValue Solution is available in three packages, depending on the client’s needs and wants.

LVS Appraisal Pro is the full suite of modules, for the creation and maintenance of databases for comparables, appraisals and evaluations in an environment…

…where records can be moved and shared between users and organizations, with permissions;

…where data can be moved from task-to-task – importing comparables into appraisals with automatic generation of sales analysis grids and comparable records, for example.

LVS Appraisal Pro includes the LVS Workflow Pro modules.

LVS Workflow Pro is a single source for gathering and storing information needed to generate appraisal orders and manage workflow – from the appraisal order to the RFP to receiving bids, awarding the order and generating the letter of engagement – all with automatic email notifications.

Workflow Pro operates from client (i.e. lender, government agency, land trust, or land manager) – to – appraiser, or from appraiser – to – client with auto-generated email notifications. Workflow Pro maintains strict regulatory compliance within organizations as records can be moved and shared between users and organizations only with permissions.

LVS Map Pro is an Esri GIS mappping tool the provides:

  • Assessor Data and Parcel Shape Files covering 99% of the U.S.
  • Geospatial Data
  • USDA Soils and Cropscape Data
  • Flood Hazard Mapping
  • Topo Maps
  • FSA Field Boundaries

Map Pro is used with the land management module where the user can save maps and data directly to their land record or export and print the maps externally.  Map Pro also includes access to 3-D mapping and GIS locator.

Map Pro is a component of Appraiser Pro and Work Flow Pro but is also available as a stand-alone product that will be of interest to appraisers and lenders who are not subscribers to Appraiser Pro or Workflow Pro, i.e. AgWare™ users; real estate professionals; and others.

LandValue Solutions is offering live demonstrations via personal webinars and 30-day free trials of the software with basic training.  See our website at, call us at (208) 669-2895 or email

Founder and CEO of LandValue Solutions, Ruby Stroschein grew up on a dry farm in Juniper, Idaho with eight brothers and two sisters. She married an Idaho sheepman and farmer, and is the proud mother of five, grandmother of seven, and great-grandmother of four.  Ruby is author of Allegory of Malad City and The Multiple Murders of Mary Kelley Campbell, and founded Elk River Press, a non-profit for promoting regional authors and supporting rural libraries.